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St. John's Gay Men's Chorus

Founding Allies

The St. John’s Gay Men’s Chorus is more than a group of singers and their allies. It is a statement that our community values diversity and inclusion.

In recognition of the inherent Newfoundland values of acceptance and support, a
group of citizens established a Founding Allies fund to financially establish the
choir. With a one-time donation of more than $1000 these citizens and
businesses were the first to step forward and support the choir. Their generous
support, and their vision for the choir will be forever appreciated.


Paul & Renee Antle
Chancellor Park

Cohen’s Home Furnishings
Robert Decker
Flower Studio
Rick Mercer
Gerald Lunz
David Philpott
Robert Power
Colleen Fox
Lynn & Karl Green

Jim & Sue Flynn
Jill Morris
Kathy Legrow
Terry Daly & 
Rosemary Buckingham

Eleanor Gill Ratcliffe, C.M., O.N.L., LLD(hc)
David R. McCann
John & Noreen de Jong
Gary Anderson

Ian Barrett

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