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We Just Want to Live Peacefully.

As if everything that is happening was not enough, the Trump administration revoked the transgender health protection. I was shocked. I am sad that people have to put so much effort into denying other people's rights and identities. Black, Asian, Gay, Trans, or whoever you are, anything can be a source of discrimination because we fear the unknown. Then, instead of trying to get close to the unknown to know it better, we create prejudice and put barriers in front of us.

Think about being told you are not allowed to marry the love of your life because of who you are. Because you are gay? Because your skin color is different? Think about being told you don't have medical coverage because of who you are. Think about being told that you have to respect the monuments that celebrate who enslaved your ancestors.

I know that losing your privilege feels like you are losing your fundamental rights. But believe me, you are not. I know that it feels like losing your history when others demand their histories to be heard. But believe me, it is not. It means that we can learn more from each other and create a better and richer society

We all have different opinions. That's human nature. But I want everyone to understand that the only thing we are asking, whether in the Black Lives Matter or the Pride, is to be treated equally. We just want to walk around without being worried about being yelled at, being stared at strangely, or being killed. We want to go out and dance at night without being worried about being shot because of who we are. We just don't want to fear the police because of who we are. I just told a friend last night; "We are the same human, I just happen to like men instead of women. That's the only difference". If we learned to accept our differences, the world would be a different place.

I hope 2020 is a year of learning for all the humans and the loving moment is coming. Otherwise, I don't think I can take it much longer..


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